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10 MORE Great Podcasts for Educators!

A while ago I shared some of my favourite podcasts for educators and I thought it was time to add to that list so here are 10 More Great Podcasts for Educators!

I have read many articles discussing the continuing growth of podcasts, including a New York Times piece discussing the latest statistics about the rise of podcasting from the 2019 edition of The Infinite Dial. "Compared with 2018 figures, the number of people who have listened to at least one podcast in their lives increased by 20 million, and an additional 14 million people described themselves as weekly listeners." (New York Times)

There are obviously many reasons why people enjoy listening to podcasts but I find them enjoyable because I can personally curate my Professional Learning content. I love that I can easily download relevant and free material to my phone and personalise my Professional Development, all while on my daily train ride to and from school.

There really is a podcast out there for everyone! There are podcasts about classroom management, teaching practices, pedagogical innovations, curriculum, flipping the classroom, project based learning....the list is endless.

These are just a few of the amazing podcasts that are available to download right now!

Talking Teaching 

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The Talking Teaching podcast is produced by the University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education. Each podcast features interviews and stories from practitioners and leading thinkers.  Maxine McKew and Kerry Elliott lead discussions about teacher training, leadership, and educational philosophies. Click here for more information.

QUT Teacher Podclass

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QUT Teacher Podclass podcast is a series produced by the QUT Faculty of Education and is 'all about supporting and inspiring teachers'. Hosted by journalist Madonna King, topics already covered include career development, personal wellbeing, mentoring and the power of Twitter as a PLN. You can download podcasts here.

The Google Teacher Tribe podcast 

This podcast is hosted by Kasey Bell and Matt Miller and is dedicated to all things Google Classroom. There are episodes about Google Docs, creating Sites templates in the new Google Sites, discussions about using video projects with G Suite, how to differentiate instruction in Google Classroom and there are many episodes dedicated to Google Docs tips and tricks. This podcast can be accessed via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and many other platforms. Learn more here. 

The Shake Up Learning Show

The Shake Up Learning Show Podcast with Kasey Bell
Kasey Bell also hosts the The Shake Up Learning Show.  Her podcast is aimed at K-12 educators and Bell shares tech tips, lesson ideas, student interviews, and interviews with other educators. I particularly enjoyed her suggestions about podcasting students. You can download her podcasts here.


Teacher Toolkit Podcasts

Although many episodes from the TeacherToolKit podcast are dedicated to education in the UK I still find much of the content relevant and engaging. Episodes that I found useful were Podcast 44 – Is Education Representative of Diversity?, Podcast 30: How Common is Over-Marking?, and Podcast 15: How Can We Increase Children’s Vocabulary?

The TeacherCast Podcast

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The TeacherCast Podcast, hosted by Jeff Bradbury, features educators discussing edtech and classroom instruction. A recent episode was dedicated to Microsoft products and the free support and training being offered to Office365 schools.

NCCD Professional Learning Podcast

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This is a professional learning tool to provide support in implementing the NCCD model. Included is a series that highlights adjustments that can be made in the classroom to enable students with disabilities to access and participate in education on the same basis as their peers. One episode I found useful included a discussion between a student, parent, teacher and expert about potential adjustments that can be made in class to support students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). More details can be found here.

The Educhange Podcast

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The Educhange podcast is full of content relevant to educators in Australia and New Zealand who want to innovate and make positive changes in Education. Episodes that I have found interesting include Demystifying Islam with students, an interview Dr Glenn Savage about Gonski 2.0 and other education policy reforms, and an interview with Peter Hutton, the co-principal of TC, Templestowe College, in Melbourne, Australia. You can download episodes by clicking here.

On Being with Krista Tippett

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This isn't a podcast dedicated to education/teaching but I had to include it my list because I just love listening to it! Hosted by Krista Tippett, it examines what it calls the, "animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?" Topics covered include spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, and the arts. You can learn more by clicking here.

My final selection is from a variety of teacher podcasters who have produced podcasts that have specifically assisted me and my students in their studies of VCE English texts. My students are actively listening to and discussing the content from the following AMAZING teachers:

Call Me Watkins

This is a podcast about English literature texts for senior high students. Ms Watkins series about 'The Crucible' and 'Year of Wonders', the two texts we are studying for our Comparative unit, are absolutely brilliant! She has also published material about 'Frankenstein', John Donne and Hitchcock's 'Rear Window'.

6 Ps Podcast

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Again, this podcast is specifically for VCE English students. Episodes include Argument, Oral Presentations, and 'Year of Wonders' and 'The Crucible'. My students love this podcast as each episode features music from artists that appeal to the students (Kanye West anyone?). Episodes can be downloaded here.

Podcasts really are an incredible digital learning tool so if you haven't listened to any before or haven't listened to one for a while, why not download a podcast or two today! For a truly comprehensive list of podcasts for educators check out the Educational Podcast Directory.

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Saturday, 2 September 2017

10 Great Podcasts for Educators

Since recently making the move from the 'burbs to the inner city, I've been spending a lot more time on public transport to get to and from school. Not only has this allowed me to look after the environment by keeping my car off the road, it has also provided me with opportunities to engage in valuable PD time.

I have found that by listening to podcasts I can stay up to date with news about education from global specialists, learn about new pedagogical trends, and find new on-line resources and connections to add to my Personal Learning Network (PLN). Ross Monaghan, Lecturer in Communications at Deakin University, asserts that "Podcasting allows people to time shift. Just as Netflix has revolutionised TV, podcasts have done the same for radio. You can listen to it when it suits you instead of when it’s broadcast.’ (7 Podcasts to Stimulate Your Brain

I subscribe to quite a few different podcasts so I thought it would be worth sharing a few of my favourites. So, in no particular order, here are 10 excellent education podcasts!

10 Great Podcasts for Educators
10 Great Podcasts for Educators

10-Minute Teacher Podcast 

The 10-Minute Teacher Podcast is designed by teacher and Edutopia blogger Vicki Davis, who leads a ten-minute conversation about a variety of best practices. Each show is around 10 minutes long and the show notes contain links to resources referenced in each episode. Vicki was one of the first people I followed on Twitter and I am forever grateful for the wealth of information and advice she so freely shares with her online network. You can follow Vicki AKA the Cool Cat Teacher over at Twitter and her website is here.

#EdChat Radio

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Hosted By Tom Whitby and Nancy Blair and members of the EdChat team of moderators, #EdChat Radio highlights Twitter discussions using the tag #EdChat. I first found this podcast when I was trying to build my PLN and I have since found the weekly Twitter chat and podcast immeasurably helpful. Some of the issues recently discussed were

1. Moving from Compliance to Meaningful Student Engagement

2. We Are Missing the Soft Skills, How Can We Teach Them?

3. The Pros and Cons of Teacher Coaches. 

You can subscribe to this podcast via iTunes and the website for the show is here.

Teacher Podcast 

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Teacher podcast is produced by Teacher Magazine, an initiative of theAustralian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Podcasts cover a variety of themes such as Teaching Methods, Behaviour Management, Global Education, The Research Files, and School Improvement. The podcast can be downloaded via iTunes or accessed at the Teacher Magazine site.

The Cult of Pedagogy


The Cult of Pedagogy site and podcast is an incredible resource for teachers. Jennifer Gonzalez interviews educators and administrators about the psychological and social dynamics of school and I have found that much of her content has informed my teaching. Some of the recent podacsts have focused on why it’s hard for teachers to practice self-care,  ideas on using hyper-docs to transform teaching, and ways to support English Learners in the mainstream classroom. Jennifer Gonzalez is also at Twitter (@cultofpedagogy) where she tweets about being an educational coach, time management skills,student engagement and educational technology.

ASCD Learn Teach Lead Radio

ASCD is a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading. A recent episode was dedicated to ways of differentiating academically diverse classrooms and included excellent advice from Carol Tomlinson, an academic and educator I have previously referenced because of  her work with techniques of differentiation in education. Another episode about the issues surrounding homework included an interview with Flipped Learning expert Jon Bergmann.

EdSurge On Air

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EdSurge Podcasts are produced by EdSurge, an excellent resource on how and when to use technology in K-12 and Higher Ed. These podacsts focus on education technology include weekly news updates, interviews, and debates. Some of the episodes that really interested me include:
  • ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’: A Data Scientist’s Warning About Impacts of Big Data
  • ‘The Humanities are in Crisis’: Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad Talks Creativity, Diversity and the Arts
  • What New Zealand Schools Have Accomplished with Autonomy and Community-Building

EdSurge podcasts be downloaded via SoundCloud and iTunes and EdSurge can also be found on Twitter (@EdSurge)

Truth for Teachers


If I can't convince you to see the benefits of listening to podcasts as a valid and excellent form of PD then I bet Angela Watson can! She encourages her audience to listen to podcasts rather than read transcripts for a variety of reasons but her main reason relates to the way the brain processes information. She asserts that when we listen to something rather than simply read something, we tend to remember and recall more content.

Here's some episodes that I found particularly interesting:

1. Your classroom does not have to be Pinterest-worthy: Stay reflective on the WHY & avoid comparison

2. How to be a connected educator & still find balance with social media

3. Re-imagining classroom spaces and schedules for personalized learning

You can subscribe to Truth for Teachers via iTunes or access the podcast archive at Angela Watson's site here.

Teachers’ Education Review

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Teachers’ Education Review is hosted by teachers from primary and secondary schools and examines educational issues in Australia and around the world. Regular topics include summaries of the major news stories in education from around Australia, thoughts on current issues in education with Dan Haesler, an education writer and consultant, and segments providing practical ideas and strategies that teachers can implement in their classrooms. The podcast can be downloaded via iTunes or accessed via SoundCloud.

Talks with Teachers

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Talks with Teachers is produced by Brian Sztabnik, a high school English teacher from the USA. The podcast features interviews with teachers who reveal their professional successes and failures in the classroom, along with practical tips to apply to your own career. This is a great resource for K-12 English, Literacy, and ELA teachers but all educators would find this podcast relevant and useful. You can subscribe to this podcast via iTunes or listen to them at the Talks With Teachers website.

Teaching Learning Leading K-12

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Teaching Learning Leading is produced by Dr. Steven Miletto and features content from notable educators such as Suzie Pepper Rollins, Vicki Davis, Kasey Bell, Brian Cohen, and Dr. Mark Wilson. Podcasts include interviews and solo shows focused on providing ideas and resources for K-12 teachers and school-based administrators. Some episodes that I found engaging are:

1. Rethinking Classroom Space 

2. Expanding Your Network

3. Classroom Management - De-escalation

You can subscribe to this podcast via iTunes and the website for the show is here.

If you have any suggestions for new podcasts to add to my list please leave a comment below!

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Always Learning!

Now my reporting is done and dusted I'm going to focus on the next step towards becoming a #googleeducator.

If you have any advice please let me know!

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