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Technology,Teaching and Tradition: Finding the Right Balance.

As I begin to prepare for another term after a relaxing mid-semester break, I have found myself feeling very excited about teaching new content. However, I'm also quite anxious about balancing the integration of technology with my own often very traditional teaching methods in all of my lessons. How will I find time to teach the content required for my students to actually pass the course, make my lessons accessible and interesting to all students in my classes, keep up with my own personal professional development whilst maintaining a happy home life?

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All I can say is thank goodness that I have Twitter! The inflow of valuable information that I have found on Twitter is inspiring and pragmatic. My PLN has grown, I have learned so many things about  Flipped Learning and #edtech but I have also come to terms with the fact that the key to a happy classroom and a happy personal life is BALANCE! 

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My favourite education site Edutopia, a site founded by filmmaker George Lucas in 1991 as part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, is my go-to resource for all things tech and teaching. In one of their posts titled Technology and Teaching: Finding a Balance, the author, Andrew Marcinek who is the Director of Technology and co-founder, reminded educators that it's not about how much tech we integrate into our lessons but how we provide our students with the best access to all kinds of learning resources.

Ignore the clutter of overzealous edtech enthusiasts and find your focus to design your own instruction.

As an "old-school" teacher who loves telling stories and providing information via books (gasp!) I think the best thing for me is to make sure that I comfortably balance my teaching style with technology that will assist my students to learn what I am teaching them. I don't think that technology is optional for teaching and learning, it is definitely necessary. I just know that I will not be a slave to tech! 

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, 
the teacher is the most important.
Bill Gates

Technology,Teaching and Tradition: Finding the Right Balance.

I'm going to continuing teaching MY way but use technology to transform and reshape the way that my students learn. I will not only be providing them with new and engaging experiences but I will be continuing my own learning in the process. I will facilitate learning through a multitude of pathways, by utilising diverse technologies. I think it's going to be a win-win situation for everyone!

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  1. I'm a big believer of balance - working at work, and leaving it there. I know that's not easy as a teacher - my husband is a teacher. I hope you're able to find balance this year.