Sunday, 14 June 2015

Favourite Pins Friday: #EducatorinOz

After a busy but fulfilling semester I am happy to share that my marking is finished, report cards have been written and my three week winter vacation starts in just a few days! To celebrate the school holidays I am sharing a few of my favourite pins for another Favourite Pins Friday post! I have learned so many new things this year from my PLN (Twitter) and on Pinterest I just had to blog about a few of my favourites with you.

Favourite Pins Friday: #EducatorinOz

Favorite TEACHING pin:

Alternatives To Traditional Homework via TeachThought


Favourite #edtech pin:

Teaching with Digital Technologies Infographic via

Teaching with Digital Technologies Infographic
Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

Favourite #BlendedLearning pin:

Blended learning and the future of education: Monique Markoff at TEDx Ithaca College

Favourite RESOURCE pin:

The Epic BYOD Toolchest via Edutopia

My favourite MEME pin:

Some of the Best Things in Life are Mistakes: Middle School Science Teacher Humor

Favourite FOODIE pin!

60 Brain Boosting Foods for Memory & Cognitive Function via Livening Up

Brain Food

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Monday, 1 June 2015

Blended Learning: integrating digital content with face-to-face learning.

My desire to learn more about technology in the classroom coupled with my research about the way students learn has led me to find many new and innovative ways to engage and educate my students. I have enjoyed experimenting with 'Flipped Classroom' lessons but my students are telling me they actually like it when I am teaching them and guiding them rather than 'forcing' them to watch videos! This has confirmed my thoughts that balance really is key for our students and that 'Blended Learning' is the best option for me and for my students. While my students are literally attending a “brick-and-mortar” school with all the fun things that go with it like face-to-face instruction, social interaction and comfortable schooling routines, their learning is being combined with digital content, collaborative projects and independent thinking.

Blended Learning: integrating digital content with face-to-face learning.

The definition of “blended learning” has changed over time. A suggested definition from Norm Friesen (August 2012) is:

“'Blended Learning' designates the range of possibilities presented by combining Internet and digital media with established classroom forms that require the physical co‐presence of teacher and students." 

Since our 21st century students are digital natives, the use of mobile technologies such as tablets and mobile phones allows them to access information quickly and naturally. No wonder Blended Learning is a win-win situation for both student and teacher!