Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Getting Passionate about Passion Projects!

I'm thinking of trying Genius Hour, Passion Projects or 20% time again with one of my classes again this year and am finding such great material on Twitter about this great inquiry based learning concept.

Image via http://www.geniushour.com/

What is Inquiry Based Learning?

Inquiry based learning is a pedagogical approach that places equal emphasis on process and content. Communicating, reflecting, collaborating, analysing, creating, making, questioning, experiencing, researching, and processing are all important elements of the inquiry method.

Along with the obvious pedagogical benefits associated with the inquiry process, Inquiry Based Learning is an excellent method of igniting and nurturing student passions and talents. It is also an excellent way to empower students by giving them a voice and choice. By giving the students some added authority over their learning engages them more and gives them the skills they will need in the Brave New World they will soon be entering!

Image via Teach Thought

As is always the case, Twitter has become my go-to resource to learn all about Inquiry based learning, Genius Hour and Passion Projects.  I have been able to learn SO MUCH from local and international educators by engaging in twitter chats, reading shared materials and following a few educational hashtags like #aussieED and #edchat.

If you want to broaden your professional learning network, meet educators from all over the globe and find amazing teaching and learning resources, then you need to get onto Twitter ASAP and join in with a Twitter chat or Two!

Here's one of my favourite chats about #geniushour condensed into one page via Storify.

How cool is this?!


If you want to learn more about this brilliant concept then check out this post by education author A.J. Juliani. A.J. Juliani currently works as the Director of Technology and Innovation at Centennial School District, Pennsylvania. He is a passionate advocate of the “inquiry-driven” education movement and began the “20% Project” in his own class in January of 2012. The project gives "students the opportunity to learn what they (are) passionate about, and make a difference."

If you are a 21st Century educator, this is definitely something worth being passionate about!

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